The recent patches were good for the game...

Yeah… I’m a pred main… In case you fucks didn’t notice already. Yet I actually LOVE these changes. I was literally smoking 97% (Maybe? I pulled that out my ass, but it was the VAST MAJORITY) of my matches. I have cross play enabled, and that lead to alot of PS4 FT getting claimed within 3 minutes from start of match…IF I wanted to… So back then, if you were a “good pred” you would elect to “toy” with your prey to curate a “good game” for the FT. (zerker combi spam = wiped FT)… The pred was the GM… essentially.

I like how NOW I can count on PS4 teams bringing some chops to the table. I do not underestimate them ANYMORE. Premades on coms are still a sweaty endeavor, always have been,… but I can’t help but love the feeling of not assuming just because it’s a bunch of PS randos, I’m gonna win. I know this mach could be fun and challenging… The game is SOOO MUCH BETTER for everyone when coms are on. USE YOUR MICS!!!

Anyway, I hope this game stays active for a long time. You assholes are awesome. That is all.


For me it doesn’t change anything. I 'm still winning 100% of my games against randoms , easy as before. Premade now are much more stronger and weak people can even beat you due to the damage, bear trap nerf and fast missions. Basically they had nerf Predator is only against premade (when they were already in advantage im the previous patch) and did nothing for ranodoms. The problem of randoms is that they dont know how to play, tunnel vision, they don’t hear the predator close to them, they dont use mic and they don’t even know that ammo crate restore syringes so they take it at the start of the game. Buffing Yatja bane wasnt a good move for Illfonic, if anything we need a tutorial for teaching to noobs how to play and then remove this piece of shit perk.


I actually had no idea that ammo crates restored syringes. Good to know!


To help randoms just make a tutorial and give informations about the game. To help hard core players (premade pc squad vs good pred) just remove Yautja Bane and revert Tick Skin to the previous version.

It makes the game less challenging for the FT when you balance around tunnel vision randos with no aim assist as its designed for complete potatoes to be able to win and/or get carried by one or two players via removing the learning curve - instead overtuning everything to compensate for tank controls.
Catering to completely uncoordinated pubs in an asyim is exactly what killed Evolve’s monster queue as it became a miserable experience playing against anyone who knew what they were doing, so likely the same will happen here. Exception might be ps4 with crossplay off because its still hard for FT to track the pred with the artificial difficulty provided by 30 fps with motion blur.

Imagine if rainbow six balanced around console with no aim assist lol. Only to fucking Illfonic would this ever make sense in a crossplay game, rather than just giving controllers COD aim and settings. Def easier to just brainlessly adjust numbers with no foresight, increasing health and damage through the roof instead of just making controls less garbage to appeal to a wider playerbase.

Not catering to 1 platform & less jank FT controls would make people more willing to play this game in general.

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This is true?

I never noticed.

I don’t think it’s balanced at all. I just got bored of winning more than 90% of the time without trying. At least now I have to pay attention to where I hop and who I claim.

You’re not wrong. Even if the “balance” is artificial to give the illusion that potatoe FT are more of a threat, I welcome it. I’ve played alot of premades in the last week or so, and I still win 9/10 matches. I just go through more medkits/pigs is all. At least the games last more than 3 minutes.

If you win 9/10 games they are not premade 100% sure

Eh… Just because they are in a premade doesn’t mean they’re instantly god mode. I’ve also noticed that even some full PC squads are using the ingame coms primarily instead of discord… Which makes no damn sense.

All true. However, I’d like to hear how it is for a less experienced pred playing against random FTs. Did the patch make any difference?

It did, skilled people can carry randoms better now :)

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Basically with what im proposing down there is that each pred body organ has certain dmg done to him… and that branches reduce the dmg if he is hiden behind them and bullets go trough the branches.

This ultimatly fixes the whole infinite loop guys, they can also add aim assist in the game if this what im proposing gets added too…

Optionally bullet drop would be awesome too and it would feel more realistic as we already have bullet drop on predator.

Legs/arms = 20% dmg to preds health
torso = 50%
head = 100%

with the dmg reduction by enviorement which should be passive perk by predator aka the map… and his surroundings…

It will go like this with the 50% reduction

legs/arms = 10%
torso = 25%
head = 50%

Oh and yeah revert the last patch stats lmao… and add what i proposed and it should be golden for both sides tbh

Made entire topic about it explaining concerns

Pred should be able to disarm FT then. By actually separating their arms from their bodies. They can only stop the bleeding with med kits. They dont get their arm back unless they get reinforced. THe rest of their life they can only use one arm to shoot, and the hip fire accuracy goes to 1/2 what it was.

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Too much work unfortunantly altho that would be awesome but i dont think illfonic wants to spend working on animations/ blood/ gore/ patching the arm lol… I mean in general we already got the bow doing more dmg to head than body aka torso… except its pretty basic ngl… ofc head = more dmg… but in general u get the point…

I think that problem is people hit pred leg and it instantly registers the dmg as if it were head lol… as in 100% dmg given for shooting preds foot lol… which is just meh i guess…

I know for a fact that its the cause why people in generally feel like its not fair or not balanced is cause of the dmg scan and registering on pred… u can basically shoot him from miles away with sniper cause bullet does not drop lmao… and inflict 100% of dmg without any dmg reduced if it hit his leg or torso…

Oh and i would also love to be able to skin them alive lol when they are like low health or smth… like with the net gun and if close to the tree and then just be able to skin fireteam alive and let them hang on tree…

There was a game back in the early 2000’s called “Rune”. It was a viking 3rd person hack and slash. You could litterally cut of peoples heads and arms… And pick them up to use them as weapons… You could actually beat people to death with their own arm, finish them off by throwing it at them if they were running away bleeding. It was amazing.

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Well that were the good old days when devs actually cared about quality lmfao…