The “Rook” Stands Strong

“It was meant to just be a destroy intel and leave mission, no complications or casualties…but it was far from a in and out mission. Something slaughtered my squad, cut them to pieces as though they were wet paper. I’ll admit I fell victim to this demon who makes trophies of men, but I refused to die…I refused to let that ugly bastard get away with what he did!”

These where the words of the soul survivor of the South American Mercenary group fighting off the Guerrilla group known as “Stargazer”. Now knowing what he is facing, “Rook” is what they call him, hunts those who hunted the ones he called friends.


(Sorry for not being too active on this forum, I’ve been busy with life and all. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video, if you do don’t be afraid to like and subscribe for more! I might just make a audiobook like story explaining my OC’s if they were in the game of Hunting Grounds for fun)