The shuriken

If they pin you to walls the damage would have to be low. If they do sever damage and also pin… It would be OP.

only if near a wall line with the netgun. But yeah, maybe not too much dmg

what do you mean it is inverse? You can change the controls of it in the settings

I really hope not! Its two entirely different weapons. Sshuriken is just a large throwing ninja star, while smart disc is basically a remote controlled drone.

It’s better if it’s able to ricochet 2-3 times and gets stuck to a wall or it just a be a non controllable smart disc

I want it to be an uncontrolled but returning boomerang. :P

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I am only working with the movies here (don’t know about comics) but this things worked like a huge ninja star. You’re probably going to get X amount of them and you just throw them like the combistick, perhaps they will allow you to pick them back up.

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That would be a good idea too.

What if they tend to break sometimes… its a 50 50 chances they break, same i think they should make arrows break as well… so they deal i guess more dmg that thrown combi as shuriken is sharp af and spins fast af and just mows everything

I think they should be destroyable like the smartdisc. But I’m still undecided if it should be an actual weapon, or just a gadget with an amount of 3. Should you be able to pick it up again if it’s a gadget? If not there might need to be more of it.

Pretty sure it was an weapon in the movie… but hmm not sure, its upto them to decide… im also againts smart disk being destroyable and same goes for shuriken, cause why cant we destroy their knifes that they try to parry and shit… im just saying if u wanna make it even then do it by implementing bullet drop, better stamina balance for fireteam, the knife only prevents most damage but it still damages the fireteam due to pure pressure… stuff like that lmao…

I guess you can’t make everything movie accurate because of balance. The net would just cut through the fireteams knifes if they try to remove it, or there gloves if they just touch it.

I imagine that the shuriken would be to have a limit of 4 and that once thrown would lodge into a FT member and deal half the 3/4 health drain and continue to drain…
It should also be zoomable on aim. Should be as dispensable as FT’s grenades.

just skin…

Like your personality huhuuughuhuhuuhju.
Just kidding

either way sounds good enough

I kinda hope they had it how it was in the Avp movie. Scar threw it at the alien queen and it came back to him, but hopefully not remote controllled like the smart disc.

The model was put over the smart disc. Meaning this may not be how it works the models were just swapped to make it appear in game.

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You should be able to just toss it with low accuracy instead of doing the lame smart disc minigame hopefully.

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