The Sound Bug!

Has been a thing in this game since Excavation was released!!!

Im sure its hard to pinpoint what and why this bug is happening.

Idk if it just effects the console players or if its on both sides. It happens in both Public and Private matches alike.

There doesn’t seem to be a Trigger or a set reasons as to why this is happening!

I have three Headsets! (I know rag on me later about it later guys)

2 have 3d audio built in and the other is a cheapo set that I let my greasy hand nephew use lol!

Doesn’t matter what pair I am using It will happen!

Mainly happens in Excavation, sometimes The other maps rarely tho!

For a while I thought it was ping of the other players to mine but after having it happen in private matches I have come to the conclusion that ping is not the issue!!

Idk maybe its the game lagging or the match didn’t load correctly or something!!!

I have tried multiple trouble shooting methods, I turned the 3d audio off on the console and tried that to no avail. I have rest my headphones didn’t help! I have done the uninstall and reinstall! Saved Data everything!!!

Also Ps5!!!

Plz @OldKingHamlet and @Courier

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Just git gud scrub. Seriously though it’s the most annoying shit in this entire game.


I know I should Really learn to cope and handle the bugs! Its not like sound is 80% of this game!!


Blue screen has entered the chat


Speedforce pigs have entered the chat


Jesus I mean why the fuck are they so fast!


Beats the fuck of me! Maybe its because we are just not good

I’d rather the game crash then to be forced to be deaf and die because I couldn’t hear an elephant with a spear stomping around behind me.

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