The Sounds

3 times in one day our guns didn’t make sounds, echo sounds and worst of all Predator killing close sound even though he’s far away

I saw someone post something about disabling 3d sound for ps5

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I can’t figure it out

System/settings/sound and screen

I don’t have a ps5 but this is how you do it on ps4


Turning off 3D audio doesn’t work anyway
I restarted my console. Probably could have gotten away with just closing and reopening the game though. Happens again I’ll try that

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Ya I did everything and it doesn’t work 😔

Wait even restarted the console? Damn

Ya My immersion is broken 😞

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Immersion hell the game is broken. Audio is a key thing in this game. Deaf dudes don’t do well in the jungle

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Ya but for a time the Predator was actually scary cuz I Couldn’t hear him, all I saw was me getting slashed then…a bright light but I was just downed