The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game

First look at gameplay

Now coming to PS4!


Finally a game in this genre with multiple killers on a team. That’s all I’ve ever wanted 🥲


Nerf Leatherface


Uh oh it begins before it even comes out


Not impressed at all.

Gameplay wasn’t really shown properly. We know the mechanics and animations but how it flows together and the overall goal is hidden. Doesn’t give me much hope.

Looks like a crappy DBD. And that’s a bar alright.

At what point does it show that?

This game is 3v4

Was announced awhile ago


Ah fair…

Wait 3V4?

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3 killers

4 survivors

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That’s a trip. Giving the trailer balance looks like hell theoretically

This looks like total shite…you might enjoy it though


Honestly upset that illfonic is gonna let Gun be the pioneers of a multi killer asymmetrical, while they sit on the lore they have with Predator.

Games looks fun tho


I dont care who does it. If they wanna pass up a new and growing genre they literally had a hand in creating, it’s their loss. The smart thing to do woulda been putting all their effort into PHG simply to make the best game possible first, then make bank on their own credentials as they grow as a company with arcadegeddon and future titles. Unfortunately for them theyve got a shotty reputation now and people will be cautious of their products. Id be surprised if they don’t shut down before 2030.

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yes finally, just what we needed another DBD prompt simulator

Evil Dead has the most fun survivors next to the Hunters in Evolve

PHG couldve been up there but made a generic shooter with 0 environmental interaction aside from staring at mud puddles.

Wait when did that show in the trailer?

half of trailer is clearly survivors hitting a button to squeeze through tiny area killer cant go through

so killer must go around

peak interactivity, peak map design

I like the idea that this is a button press instead of just an alternative to walking like it is in every other game.

Regardless it was A one scene not half and B we don’t even know ow what the OBJ is.

The trailer shows shit.

As far as I know it’s getting out of the house which I would not call walking from point A to point B a prompt.

survivors dont have guns so they push a button through a crawlspace.

revolutionary. im sure this will be very surprising.

I like how this isn’t a counter argument