There is a building on airstrip!

There is a Building on are strip, its a lone house with no way inside but you can clip through the roof and hide inside!

I believe there is a reinforcement radio at this building il not sure haven’t player Airstrip enough to tell yet!

This glitch was used against me in a public match. Then I went to Private matches to see if I could recreate it. It is easy and needs to be fixed!

Will post a video of it later for the dev team so they can get ot fixed

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We found Fantasma’s house?


Lol. I guess. It’s Between the waterfall spawn and the drug farm area.

It has two floors you go to the top floor via a ladder then you crouch walk into the wall and clipp through the wall. You can also shoot through the walls and can escape the building in any direction


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Blah lame

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0:30 let’s go knock on his door…


I’ve also got inside of that building, and yes it’s easy, i recorded it and will send it to illfonic instead of linking the videoclip in the forum.

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thanks for the report

Maybe u can charged plasma splas them from in there? some hiding places u can still splash damage them