Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision

Good morning developers! I’ve been playing the new update and have an idea in regards to the Predator’s vision modes. First let me start out by saying that in my line of work I’ve used both thermal imagers and night vision scopes/ cameras countless times so I’m well versed in how they operate.

As it stands, on night maps the Predator toggles from regular vision to a night vision/ thermal hybrid. Now, while this is an interesting concept. I suggest the following in regards to the Predator’s vision modes on night maps:

  • Regular Vision
  • Thermal Imaging (Same as we currently have it on day maps)
  • Night Vision (Same as the mercenaries night vision)

Thermal imagers have no change in how they are displayed when viewed both in daylight vs the blackness of night. The only difference is you would see is objects absorbing more heat during the day and being a brighter heat signature when viewed through a thermal imager during daylight hours.

On the other hand, night vision works in its own independent way by digitally amplifying whatever ambient light is available to give you the illuminated image we see through a lens.

In short, night vision and thermal imagers work independently from one another. In game, we are seeing a hybrid of the two.

I suggest on night maps by hitting the vision toggle, the Predator would first switch to thermal and then on the second hit of the button, it would switch to night vision. Either that or each different vision could be a separate predetermined button.

Currently on the night maps, the thermal/ night vision hybrid is quite difficult to use as it’s extremely bright in an attempt to accommodate both thermal imaging and night vision. I would suggest changing back it vision to the standard thermal and adding its own night vision that’s exactly the same as the mercenaries night vision.

The above would reflect the Predator’s ability to switch vision modes as we see in “Predator 2” and add to the realism of the game. Thanks for your time! I hope this reaches whoever needs to see it!


YES!! here a list off new visions for predator

  1. Night vision
  2. UV vision
  3. X-ray vision
  4. Tracker vision
  5. Sound vibration detection view

Post thus topic in feedback the devs have more chance to view


While your list is indeed a more extensive one in regards to potential vision modes for the Predator. Having the ability to switch from thermal imaging to night vision on night maps would be more than sufficient for game play as both modes are utilized in different situations.



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Hopefully @OldKingHamlet @Courier and @Kassinaillia see this post and push it up the chain. 👍🏻

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Yes yes, i want this too

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I absolutely agree with you guys. Great first post Xenomorph


Thank you! I hope while the developers resolve the issues of the brightness on both the Predator’s night map thermal/ night vision hybrid and the Fire Teams night vision brightness, the above is considered.

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Smoke bombs are just TERRIBLE for pred at the moment, also for 2nd win & lost mask… night vision is very much needed for these 👍

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@OldKingHamlet @Courier

Please consider my suggestions in the first post to correct the issue with the night maps Predator vision. Thanks in advance!