Thermal on smart Disk

Add Thermal Vision while plotting the smart Disk. Currently, the disk is nearly useless on night maps.


PS: Fix the size of the bone mask so new players that enjoyed Prey aren’t insulted by how garbage it currently looks in PHG.


Only problem with using thermal while piloting the Disc is it doesn’t show any heat signatures so it just acts as a brightening filter that just shows stuff up blue.
Plus if you used thermal everytime you throw the Disc it will alert the Fireteam to your rough location anyway.

At the very least SOMETHING to be able to track the FT while in flight.

Even the scanned indicator you work towards disappears…

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Funny thing there is a bug that allows you to pilote the smart disk while in thermal, so many bugs related to the disk actually ☺️

Problem is that the FT doesnt appear as yellow even unmudded, everything appears equaly all blue so doesnt help much.

I still get the Disc returns Mask to Pred bug but in Privates.

Not every time. It would just be whatever your current vision mode is active.

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Interesting. 🤣 That wouldn’t help much.

I’m referring to the noise that changing vision modes makes and against some fuckin bloodhounds like Gesp he’s gonna hear that shit😂😂😂

Yeah. You wouldn’t be changing modes when throwing the disk, so if you already have thermal active, it wouldn’t make a sound.

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If you are using thermal and use disk the Predator will change visions modes on its own, meaning the eyes will flash and make noise.

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Exactly what should be removed.

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Disk has a lot of bugs, killing with Disk doesn’t count in the score for both Hunt and Clash, if you down people with it the skull doesn’t appear on top of them, they can get stuck in air or in places you cant get them back. Can be used for the host of private mask to regrow a destroyed mask, can be used through buildings.


Just scan or use motion detector to track them or use a new build for night maps

I wouldn’t that’s a bug persay as much as poor walls and bad positioning

Just nit picking

All marks disappear when you throw the disk. Same for the marks from Thermal scan.

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If there’s gonna be anything they could at least implement, the red indicators over their head you actively work towards catching, should stay if they can’t do heat. 🤘

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True. At the very least.

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Oh well I’m sorry I’m out of ideas! 😩

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Smart disc should auto track, leaving the pred free to keep fighting/moving after throwing it.

Disc gets stuck when we control it.

You want this thing to go full Tesla?

Gonna be getting stuck in places we probably wouldn’t be able to get LOL