Thermal Vision blocking projectile hits

At 2mins 42secs I throw my Combistick at Dutch’s head. It was on target, and yet it went clean through his head without causing damage. I’ve noticed this happening to other people on their videos, it happens with arrows and combistick and the common denominator seems to be that it’s happening in thermal vision.

I’ve fired arrows through a closed door in thermal, yet they stick to the door in normal vision.

Is thermal messing with the hitboxes? Or was it because of Dutch being crouched, which is another issue I’ve heard and seen from other players. This has the potential to be exploited.

I think its what kame has said for months now. When they crouch it fucks with the hit boxes.

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Invincible shoulders for ft, and shins as predator melee fight with any height advantage like stairs and the predators have adamantium shin bones straight up indestructible