These are not bots. This is just one salty community member.


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just pray to god Madisyn…for god can only help us now as we drown in the god forsaken cess pool.

🔥 🔥 😃 🔥 🔥

Since today is Saturday, the employees are probably resting at home. Have a nice holiday everyone.


Just close the damn forum. If they have any plans of reviving the game they should destroy this cesspool anyway

Is still not that many accounts per hour. I still think this is the job of a single person with a lot of time in their hands.

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Kinda sad Fire is gone, I want to tag him in the enlarge your manhood threads.

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I feel like he’s getting bored. Like, why spam up just GD? Why not produce these dozens of threads in every sub, instead of like just one or a few?

I can only really speak for myself but who really checks those sub-topics as consistently as GD? xD

I mean yeah, but if it was me doing this, I’d have every sub spammed and riddled with these bot posts. Whoever is here moderating them has it easy when its only confined to this sub, maybe two or three elsewhere. But imagine getting 20, 30 of them on each sub? I’d hate my life. If I had a vendetta against Illfonic, I’d make their job so much harder.


the plot thickens! These ramscallions are human no doubt!

Touche, and very valid point. You probably right in thinking they’ve found this botting to now be stale.

Haven’t had any bots in a little bit. Think he got bored and stopped?

I saw a few yesterday. Mods are more active during the week

wew this forum’s still up

How’s ghostbusters? @IllFonic

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Ghost Dusters are doing fine why do you ass Finestolgy?

We’ve missed you.

Also GB is dead, as far as I know nothing happened for the 40th anniversary. Killer Klowns is their new money vehicle.

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Asyims are so cursed but that’s obscure af. What are they adapting next? Hatchet and Sleepaway Camp?

Shovelware company.

IP Shovelware lol

I dunno, KK has exploded in popularity over the last five or so years. Super obscure cult classic for decades, now a video game IP with merch everywhere. Funny how that works. Tbh I would love a Hatchet game, if only for more Kane Hodder. Felissa Rose coming back as an Adult Angela killer for Sleepaway Camp would be nice too. But games based on either of those is reaching way too far.