These are not bots. This is just one salty community member.

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when one or two change their avatars then you know their jig is up.


I’ll give you a recommendation. The current setting (if I recall correctly) is that new accounts cannot create more than 3 threads. Lower that to 0 until 30 days of registration.
That should deter the person who is doing this. We have a clear unconfirmed idea of who it is. Is not the first time and has been doing it for a while.

IP blocks won’t do much since he is using VPN proxies to be able to register again and again.

Bonus, if you can enforce 2FA with a phone number confirmation, that will most certainly stop it immediately.

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Who tf could be this salty to do this kind of shit, day after day? Like…it just baffles my mind why someone would waste their time in this fashion.

Are you seriously asking that? You know who has done it in the past. There’s been a few over the years, though lately if has been just that one. Fantasma has taken a break.

I noticed the other day how while I beat his ass like 7 times on a row using alt-accounts after he beat me one using his speedhack, all of a sudden a massive influx of spam started to populate here.

the mods have banned him several times and he comes back doing the dame thing. Dude is fucking mental. Same or more so than fantasma.

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Ohhhh. Well, with the clues laid out before me, I know who it is, and yeah, if anyone has more time to waste doing shit like this, its him.

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its elementary my dear Madisyn!


Maybe there is a real reason behind @Fires banning. Could it be he did something really really bad and is paying for it?

Now he is angrier than ever making fake accounts.

Its not in Fire’s nature. Yeah he has a lot of time to spare doing nothing, but I don’t think he has the technical knowledge to do all this bot spam.

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I suppose that would require multiple email accounts.

Oh yeah. It just seems like a lot of effort and programming know-how that he doesn’t possess.

Fire would often argue with that whore of a big sister Fitnessology. Neverr stopping. he values that one account too much. I think someone was jealous of Fire. Someone who goes by the name “Jelogaming”!!!

is not fire. fire is too fucking dumb and stupid to even think about doing something like this, let alone be able to find a way to do it

And jelous? for real? I’m actually glad he’s finally gone and I really hope no one helps him get another account. That delusional psycho was a fucking cancer in this forums. Didn’t take moderators much to come here to address sturla’s spam and realize fire needed to be kicked out ASAP.

Yeah it’s not bots, if it were bots the spam would be even worse.
It’s just one of the many schizos of this place doing alt accounts and spamming random shit, probably asking chat GPT or something to generate a bot like text and then just copy pasting it.

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probably someone who doesn’t know english and is frustrated with the game.

Maybe their aliens trying to communicate?

Even though I’m 20 years old, I still rely 100% on Google Translate…

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you try! :)

Dead giveaway is the 3 threads and then like an hour before another account posts 3 new threads.

Bots would be hundreds of accounts and hundreds of threads within minutes.

He whose name shall not be spoken

looks like its happening now. but I think its not in its MO to make more accounts just more posts.