Thesenate, I must ask.

Who shall run the three divisions of our new holy melon empire? Who shall represent whom?
I noticed that you mentioned Khi & Mello as the representatives for the melons.
We have crusaders, and us sith left. Who shall represent these two factions in this empire?


Well, @Eshtion is the leader of the Holy Crusaders.

Khi and Mello are not the whole representatives of the melons, that would be the Melon Council, but as they are the 2 founding members they have the most say, and at least for me f they say anything it is considered law and supersedes whatever I have said or will say. They allowed me to be in the melons (and somehow in the council), and just for that I am in their debt.

For the Sith, I will be the primary leader as the Emperor, but I value all input from all of the Sith and my apprentices just as equal as my own.


Understood, master.

and for the crusaders my lord?

Your looking at him

Honestly, couldn’t think of anyone else.

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Finally our three nations are at peace

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All that is left is to expand our laws to the ENTIRE galaxy.


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There is never peace I still have Breath in my chest!!

I wake up and Choose Violence!!

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it would be unwise to use that violence against us whilst we are a united empire.


@TheSenate I have free rein!


It shall never be turned against my old Melons… cough cough was part of the original 4!!

I am the enforcer!!!

I do all for the Vine, Sith, and the Order!!

I am the Grey

Theres only one sith on here , @TheSenate , this other guy is an imposter , a poser and a shiester.

The Mayo Merc will destroy your adversaries

…for a price

5000 credits.

For 5000 you can have badblood back alive

very tempting…
sure, why not.

no need. That’s what the crusaders are for.
also, 5000 credit bounty on your head.
Because i don’t like mayo.

Are all the Sith as foolish as you?

You’ll find I’m too oily to place a bounty on me

we shall see. we shall see.