Thin Predlocks glitched

Thin Predlocks are still glitching for me. This usually happens after a few leaps or if I climb into a tree. I play on PC

When will people learn to upload a picture of what they mean? How can you possibly think that anyone would be able to help or fix this “glitch” if you can’t show or explain what the problem is?

It’s like as if i would create a thread and write: “I saw a bug”, and nothing more.

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rsz_glitched_predlocks I guess I should have included that, my bad.

If you cant tell, theyre badly kinked up and jittering. It only happens in actual matches and not in a lone private match.

Illfonic has to fix it nothing we can do… small problem but annoying

I call it the Medusa bug. Because they move around like snakes. This issue has been around since 1.8 I think. The same time Dutch 2025 came out. Ever since then, it’s been a problem and illfonic has done absolutely nothing to fix it. It’s like don’t care about realistic physics. But it’s fixed as soon as you throw a smart disk, until you predikor again.