Thinking About My Account

I think that I probably should make a separate account for serious matters on PHG. On this account I just mess around and make sarcastic posts/memes a lot, and I am debating making a separate account just dedicated to my bug posts log and my honest/serious opinion on stuff. Given that there is no way to deactivate/delete accounts I may still use this one for memes/non-serious stuff. Would help differentiate when I am messing around and when I am completely serious, because I have a hard time conveying the difference in writing. Would be interesting to get an outside opinion.


I think it would help if there were separate accounts, but doing both would help anyway, probably avoid making posts that appear to be constructive that are just bait meme posts that a lot of accounts here do.

Just make it clear when you’re serious.
I post a lot of shit joking around, but still can be serious.

I dont see a point 2 accounts.