This game has become so damn boring

Ilfonic : Yeaahhhhhh… Nooo


Your only just now realizing this?

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Matchmaking system is not a bad idea
But if they add something like that , then you need to stay in a lobby for like maybe 2/3 minutes to find a good Predator
And it’s so longer for predator, Pred player needs to wait to get a match maybe for 6 or 7 minutes cuz this game has alot of potatoes rn
And because we don’t have a Rematch option after a match , I guess it’s not Worth it

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Try challenging yourself in solo queue. Randoms are indeed special ed but you want a challenge anyway. Try running no meds as well. That makes it very interesting

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Help Predator


Skill based matches is called private matches, tends to be more Fun and exciting than pubs overrall, specially when you have people that get along and want everyone to have fair experience. Make a lobby, throw invites, lately I got into private games with ps players like that, was better than pubs.

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You’re barely noticing this.

I haven’t played but a few times since they increased the level to 999 and I don’t miss it one bit.

There are far better games out there to be stressing over this one.


Literally have no idea why people still play

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The Problem I got with that is not that I don’t like Private Games, but the following:

Whenever a new PC player buys and plays this game, he will eventually run into this impenetrable wall of Veteran PC Fireteams and get utterly frustrated.
How long does it take people to become good at this game?
How many new PC Players have you seen for the last 6 months, and how many have stuck to playing this game?
And why don’t they stay? In my opinion because they have to face people like us, due to not having Skill-based Matchmaking. (of course adding to the buggy mess, but that’s another topic)
We are clearly guilty of living in this bubble of veteran players, who are unwillingly Gatekeeping this Game.
It is nobodies fault, because we all want to have fun and win, but we have to acknowledge that we are making it pretty tough for new players, adding to the lack of good Game Design choices, which could also make it easier for people to become better at playing. (like a proper Single Player or Tutorial)

Though people like you are giving a great contribution towards new players by creating so much content for newer players and I don’t want to downplay that.

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Depends on how good you mean, there are different tiers, some players don’t really change much over time, others can progress faster. People are different and some want to improve more than others.

Not many.

Depends, for those that want to play as Predator its too hard for most to go vs premades so at one point they don’t feel like trying anymore. Then you have more problems that put the Predator in a disadvantage like high ping, night mode, the bugs, overpowered ft stuff. People stop having fun on it. As fireteam many people just get bored or frustrated while playing solo and having to carry braindead potatos.

I already play mostly ft alone on pubs so that the rest of predator players can have a chance. As Predator I let them reinforce most of time and extend the match for as long as I can. But a bunch of new players are not only really bad but don’t want to learn the game at all.

Thanks, but most of the playerbase doesn’t seem to be aware of my channel, I don’t think they ever tried to search on how learn the game.

That’s what happens when you firepussies always demand an easier match -demanding for more buffs and nerfs against the predator because according to you a 4 v 1 should be easy and never fair.

Buff FT, nerf pred.

Of course, you’d say that. You want easier wins kid? Now go drink bleach while being confused which bathroom you wanna go.

Of course I do, helps with drinking bleach of course.

Thats bc Illfonic dumped all their resources in that shity free ps plus game of the month they call Acadageddon @IllFonic that game is FUCKING lame, your studio is shit

If only there’s a way to legally pressure illfonic to allow us to refund our purchases just to terrify them into actually working rather than for them to go every single day in their office to have sexually transmitted orgies. Imagine how that one dried s3men in the keyboard ruined the whole balance of the game and call it patch and fixes.

Yes that’s how that works lol

True, it might seem boring to those who played longer but when I went into a match and just played casually and died cuz I didn’t care, the potato who survived and was going to reinforcement did and it reminded me when we all first played this game, it was about survival and he was doing pretty good, parrrying the Pred Perfectly, jumping to avoid attacks and obstacles, throwing grenades, stim himself after attacks, you know what I mean?

Keep your orgies to yourself thank you very much, quit trying to spread them.

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Illfonic has orgies? Holy potatoes, Jim! I need to apply!!

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