This game is a joke

Illfonic fix this game all predators need more stamina. They should not have to pick between taking damage or giving damage. There should be more of a happy balance the ones who have the most stamina that can fight up close have no health so there forced to sit back and the ones who have health have no stamina so they can’t really do much up close. Which wouldn’t really matter if fireteams didn’t see you coming from a mile away the cloaking sucks and at this point is useless predators can’t hide at all any more. Most fireteam members have better stats and don’t have to rely on Stamina to do damage unless they fight with a knife which they will out last most predators mainly because the predators have poor stamina. Their ranged weapons suck compared to the fireteams so a shoot out is not the best idea. Theres so many things wrong with this game the biggest one is the fireteam has to many advantages and the predator has too many disadvantages. One thing that might help would be to bring back the ability to have a fully charged plasma caster shot down players but at a higher cost of energy then before. So it can’t be abused make it like half or just over half the energy bar. This could also help with splitting up members of the fireteam. You could give the predators more stamina to help out with fighting and moving around running out of stamina happens way to fast in almost every situation. You could increase mobility for the predator while ADS considering the fireteam has awesome movement speed and there’s 4 of them shooting at you once your spotted. You could add more gear that actually has a purpose for the preadator. You could reduce the damage the guns do for the fireteam just abit forcing them to actually work together to kill the predator instead of the predator being kill by just one or two players. There are lots of ways to improve this game. You could change the name so its not so misleading I thought it was a predator game.


Dude space out your post.
It’s hard to read all jumbled up.


The spacing is fine I believe your referring to
punctuation not sure maybe your confused or have no idea of what you speak of either way if its to hard for you don’t read it

No, your spacing is terrible, as well as your punctuation…

…and grammar.


Wont happen. Too many fireteam mains that will bitch and call us Hybrid players PrEdaTOr mains.

We’ve already been asking for a year for predator gear and range weapons but Illfonic was busy working on another game.

Best nerf fireteam got was to the 2xl pistol. Expect nothing more.

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This is what I mean by spacing.
You’re telling me I dont know what I’m talking about but yet you seem to not know what the fuck a paragraph is.

I even asked nicely.
But nooo you wanna get all snippy.


Clearly buff FT nerf pred



Only way to appropriately balance this game is to do it how evolve had it with one class per team no duplicates of support ect… it won’t Cleary happen and yea searching for a game would take longer but at least it would be a more balanced experience

Ft has wayyyy to many grenades and heals … going up against a good squad with all deadly assult and field medic or multi field medic is complete unbalced…

But alas this is what we have and it’s going to die out sooner then later sad


Wow your to much like I said before if its to hard for you then don’t read it I really couldn’t care less how you feel or what you think next time your bored maybe find something better to do with your time lmao

Its already dead its a joke and everyone knows it

One thing that would help would be to simple reduce the damage the fireteam does not by alot just enough so one player can’t kill the predator. Its funny how when this game released one fireteam member couldn’t kill a predator but now its the easiest thing. Hit and run tactics with the predator are ridiculous he runs out of stamina way to fast almost as fast as his health disappears.

That is all do is hit and run tactics! But I also use adrenaline boost so maybe tbats ur issue! I have yet to feel the hurt of no stamina

I like game

And turtles

And lamp


Turtles are cool

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I like turtles!

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