This game is such a huge disappointment

Between the constant log outs every 2 hours, the random crashes, the invisible AI, lagged out teammates running in place, and overall clunkiness and lack of polish this game is absolutely fucking garbage. I honestly feel ashamed that I spent $40 on this product. After the mess with Evolve, Friday the 13th and now this I’m done supporting Illfonic with any of their future endeavors.
I feel like such a chump for paying for this game.



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maybe to you, most games now come out with patches over time and improve. It needs some polishing but it has an enjoyable factor.

You are basing your opinion on probably the worst case scenerio. Best case scenerio: works and plays and is as quick to play a match as intended.

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Oohhh yeeeaaaaahhhh

Illfonic made Evolve?..

Ok but the words “ constant “ and “ every 2 hours “ contradict each other .

If you had said constant for 2 hours then you would have a valid point.

Im not going to suck illfonics dick and say they made a great…not gonna bash it either.

This games bugs just need to be taken care of before we add more maps or weapons