This game looks promising

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That looks awesome

I feel like I heard about this 5 years ago and its been in development hell longer than Scorn

Amazing graphics.

Inspired by king kong
Im definitely gonna get this game

Release date?

Somewhere in 2023 it doesn’t seem to have a release date yet

I wandering what systems it will be on if any or maybe just on computer at first like ark was

All three platforms: PC, PlayStation and Xbox

And judging by the graphics ps5, Xbox series and an incredibly beefy pc

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I have made this game with @Fire and @TheAlmightyJim


Go play Infernax.

Me and you and @Fire also made that game

Again, no.

Go play Scorn.

You weren’t there but me and @Fire made that one too

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And yet again, no.

Go play Prototype 2.

Me and @TheAlmightyJim made that one

Yeah, no.

I haven’t started work on my game yet. Give me another 30 years when I’m retired and have nothing else to do lmao

No me and @OldKingHamlet made that one

Prototype 1 >

Making Mercer into the villain killed the franchise. I mean he was already a villain but the thing were they develop a character in one game and then kill the old protag in the next doesnt work.

Scorn looks disappointing but lmk

It was a little iffy, but nobody could compalin that the plot was unoriginal XD
I think proto 3’s in dev still? Could be wrong, but i think I read about it somewhere.
'Sides, gameplay for No.2 was pretty good, and reguardless of whatever grievances you may have about the plot, I thought the gameplay put a nice twist on that of the original.