This game took a major hit

I picked it up again today. Ran into the same pred twice. Often on a 3 player team with bots. Had a few matches where it was 2 players and 2 bots. Even a few where it was just me with 3 bots. Decided to play pred… 3 bot teams everywhere. Blue screened once. This game is on its last legs.

Illfonic… what in the actual fuck are you doing? Why are you working on two other games when this one you took on so long ago is in such a shit state? A response is appreciated. Whats causing these problems? What are you doing to fix them? Did the majority of the playerbase just dip?


They got all the money they needed to kickstart their other games.
Y’all will now be drip fed lackluster content


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The player base didn’t decline. It’s just that there’s been a lot of blue-screens and disconnects lately which is causing players to get kicked out of the match.

I’ve noticed that when I play as fireteam or predator, it has become very common for a fireteam player to just disconnect as soon as the match begins.

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Dammit stop taking drugs & going on the forums.

The playerbase is always a steady low, 50-100ish on steam. ps plus players deleted it to make room for Battlefield 2042 & the new COD.

I don’t know what would compel someone to play this jank daily. probably makes every other fps feel like art in comparison.

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If they’re a masochist?

Can confirm.



I personally just like trolling PS teams with the axe and netgun. But even that gets boring after a few rounds.

I only play when I drink

I only drink when I play

It’s a cycle of abuse


This game should be free by now and illfonic can keep making money from their DLCs, but even then they should be 50% off.

This game is just not worth it.

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you only played it every day for like since launch!

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Why do you remind me 😐