This has to be a joke.

You took one of the most bada$$ sci-fi alien races, and made it near impossible for it to actually hunt honorably according to the Yautja Honor Code. You need to put a delay on Fireteam knife blocks. It is being exploited to the point of melee being useless. The game, last I checked, was called Predator: Hunting Grounds, not Lets Pander To Whiny Fireteams. Every single time Fireteam players complain, the Pred gets a debuff, or some laughingstock of a buff for the slowest Yautja melee weapon in the whole game. Stop making the game impossible for those of us Predator mains who want to just hunt without being forced to play as Fireteam.


This entire game is a joke lol


Also, for the love of the sanity of us Predator mains: GIVE US MORE PREDATOR CHALLENGES. Give us a reason to want to hunt! Stop shoe-horning us into Fireteam slots just for bonus Veritanium.


I had hopes, but I’m starting to agree with you on that.

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Ye man you seem like you know the pred code and lore well… its actually disgraceful what they have done to pred… actual people not being scared of pred is just crazy xD… like in ft13 when i played i was so scared and just surviving lmao… when i saw jason i was screaming…

Dead by daylight is similar except its annoying where hunter knows everytime where ur at… like if u dont know the map u aint surviving… and people rely highly only on perks and not actual skill… but oh well each of that game had me screaming or being afraid of the monster or hunter lmao…

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Idk mannnnn I hunt honorably ever match and try my hardest to not die to pretend this is the life of ma pred but I feel like parrying is too much and I think a coordinated ft thinks preds are a joke you’d never win trust me Checc out @Sharpy_47b gameplay with his buddy’s there’s no way lmao the pred should have the upper hand but he doesn’t i rarely loose but still have trouble and like sharpys team a normal pred player is light work to them lmao 😂

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True! I’ve seen some of Sharpy’s videos and yeah, damn I hope I never go up against that. xD and that’s just my point. Predators never have the upper hand even when they are supposedly a physically and technologically superior race. Also, with the Code of the Hunt we can’t fight while stealthed, can’t use the plasma-caster if our prey pulls out a knife, can’t kill an already near-death ft member as its a dishonorable kill, like we got an entire cultures worth of “laws” we gotta follow during the hunt.


Yea and if We followed these rules against sharpys team we’d be eliminated instantly lmao but at the same time if we didn’t follow the rules it would be the same out come wtf🤣

Tbh both outcomes make you feel anxious and bored… like jeez man… i literally like let 2 fireteam members live to even be able to have fun and enjoy jumping from tree to tree and use my mimicry wheel lmao…

That’s how it happens mannnn there’s no enjoyment with potato’s and against a team like sharpys you’ll just be destroyed lol

I seem to recall the predator in the original film just plasma yeeting half the team lol. I don’t think the “code” requires strictly hand to hand

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You’re right, until the “prey” pulls out a knife. Billy from the first movie (the guy whos laugh is recorded by the Predator) does this while standing on a fallen tree. Another example is the 2016 Predators movie when the ex-yakuza hitman goes mano-y-mano with the Falcon Predator. Etc, etc. When Prey defends itself “honorably” we fight just as honorably. If the Prey has a gun, we can use a Plasma-caster.

Yeah but yakuza guy killed it. (Which I hated btw) but imma be real with you, with some practice you can get around parrying. The ability to parry is the only way ft members can attempt to melee fight you and even at that it’s not super effective if you know ways around it

Iagree with the fact that gameplay mechanics are not what they suppose to be for a hunter/stalker. But I have another question regarding your post :

What do you understand by this?

So, the Yautja have a Code that they follow both while hunting as well as in day-to-day life. It’s practically a religion for them. During hunts they are not allowed to fight stealthed if their prey “challenges” them in fair combat (a.k.a one-on-one melee). Also, attacking “helpless” prey (pregnant women, unarmed, or just seemingly defenseless) is forbidden as dishonorable. No hunting in another Yautja’s chosen hunting grounds without permission, or claiming a kill that is injured by another hunter unless the hunter is dead. Showing honor to worthy hunters with a gift. (sometimes the worthy hunter being the prey that successfully defends itself during the hunt, or aids a Yautja hunting larger more dangerous prey) The list goes on.

While I appreciate your attachment to the lore, it’s a video game, and gameplay comes first.

If you nerf the parry, there’s essentially no counter to aggressive melee Berserkers.

This game isn’t designed (nor should it be) to cater for “Come on, 1v1 me bro.”

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they should reformat the game into a ~1v12 and make it pretty easy to kill individual humans, at least in the spirit of the predator should be feared aspect. keep ft damages how they are now, but make humans about as easy to kill as the heavy ai units, health wise. id even go as far as saying remove downings and they just die, (this is especially a good idea imo because its a lot more awesome to stick people to walls with spears and arrows) but make it easier to get reinforcements and allow it to happen several times, make the missions a lot longer, and timer 25-30 minutes

that sounds a lot more fun for everyone involved


I get gameplay itself is important. But who’s gonna keep the game alive for any length of time? Randoms that just want to play a game, or fans of the franchise who are going to in some way be attached to the lore? Btw the ft are the ones trying to make the whole thing “1v1 me” not me, hence why the melee blocks are getting annoying. I just want Illfonic to not be so ft centric, stop debuffing the Pred and and making it easy to be ft, and add more Pred-based challenges.

The challenges, I 100% agree.
There is nothing stopping them from adding Predator challenges, except their sheer laziness.

The parry thing is an issue though. I’m not a fan of how it is now, but any changes to it will need to be considered.

Nerfing the parry would have to result in a reduction to Predator melee damage.

Right now you have a skill tier issue, where in the high tiers, Parry is too strong/abused. Predators die too much.
Low tiers, players barely know how to parry at all, and it’s not really used. (This is where melee rush berserkers just dominate), and Fireteams get destroyed.
Mid-tier, Parry is annoying, but tends not to dictate game outcomes entirely.

It’s a hard thing to change.

Your issue with the ‘honor code’, is you’re asking for changes to the game, so you can play in a way that is lore-friendly. But the real problem you have is OTHER PLAYERS over the Internet, and not the game itself.
You will never be able to get other players to play in a way you want, unless you’re playing exclusively with friends or a cordial community over discord. Both of which the devs cannot cater to directly.

You feel the Predator is weak, and at the higher tiers, it probably is the case.
But there are just as many people complaining about “Predator too stronk” vs “Predator too weak”.
New Fireteams lose more. Veteran Fireteams win more.

Make the Predator ‘too strong’, and queue times will become even worse. New players will outright refuse to even bother playing, after getting destroyed. After all who wants to play a game where the only way you can play the winning side is if you need to queue for 15minutes for a game that often lasts <10m?

What they need is more content, game modes, equipment. Stuff that will attract and interest players beyond the skill/balance issue that exists currently.

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My main issue is the parry needs a cooldown, it’s funny for the first 2-3 and gives suspense to the fight, but when one ft guy can parry you til his team shows and they started halfway across the map, thats broken. I can concede the lore-friendly bit, and honestly yeah I can see adding a small melee dmg defuff as trade-off, as combi-stick and sword can be OP for the right players. The shock-state after being parried would also need to be not as ridiculous as it is though, I can understand getting focused down to half or even a quarter of max health, but nothing short of 2 miniguns mag-dumping a Pred should be able to kill it in under 5 seconds.