This is for you Illfonic

Dear developers, I am writing to you. February is still far away and so I would like you to add something new to the game right now, quite a bit) the game is getting a bit boring. For example, more colors to personalize colorings and a couple of new masks and new level limit) I think everyone agrees with me and will support my topic)


They ain’t gonna add anything

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They should make a night mode, no new missions just make it nighttime. Or increase the chances of getting better things in field lockers. Or a conversion system from veritanium to xp or vise versa. There is no point for xp when you are max level, if they don’t add something to constantly grind for they are going to have To increase the level cap over and over.


I agree. Raise that level limit. Personalized colors/armors/skins for completing challenges or levels.

EDIT: Night-mode is a great idea. Add fake 2nd wind gear item.

fix some bug before that

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They should at the very least give more Veritanium when 150 level and stop giving useless EXP!


They should make a night version for every existing map 😊

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lol this thread

This and “just code it better dumb devs” are the best

Do you mean you do not wish for bug fixes or optimization? Why?

all of this will happen.

Nope illfonic will never listen to me, you or anyone because they don’t care they made there money and some DLC’s and now there done, only to return once a month for a shit update. All I’m saying is don’t have false hope, they did server maintenance and do you know what they fixed? nothing they actually made it worse.

deberían hacer un mapa con un diluvio y un tsunami y que murieran todos los gringos, y si es el depredador gringo que se muera también

Illfonic always listen to the fans, they always read but don’t respond) They are trying to make this game a candy and the main thing is not to interfere with them. They carried out technical work on the servers so that there were no such failures as recently. I believe in them, and so should you)

tú cállate que eres un tramposo además de que utiliza wallhack juega cómo depredador con amigos soldados,

lol im saying they’re already working on the game and 100 threads angrily telling them to do their jobs faster and/or making demands is purely for meme value since its not even feedback. Realistically, if they wanted to uncap the levels they would have. It’s not a new concept.

But people do this for every game and its hilarious everytime.
They’re hiring if you want to apply though.

No uso nada) Y puedes callarte tú mismo)

oh, I hadn’t seen people asking for request like dan’s before and I thought it was a good idea. I hope they release a yellow gun.

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night mode would be cool