This is why we aren't receiving updates.

Y’all acting like this game has put you through a 30 year abusive relationship.

Some people have played the Viking maybe twice? And have come here for slam illfonic.

Having an opinion is one thing, straight verbally lacerating people is not gonna get you anywhere. (In the actual world. I guess you can develop your own negative following?)

Having that much time and effort to just post negativity IMHO could be time better used on being productive.

Killer update @OldKingHamlet, @Courier, @IllFonic

Very excited to experiment with FT and decapitate some people with the Viking and its axe :)

Truly looking forward to what else is in store!


i like positivity

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See that’s the thing, many people complain for both sides, but I feel like IllFonic needs to play predator more often than FT

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But it has😢

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Theres a bunch of new bugs.
Balance is non existent.

Ass kissing while they’re giving us shit wont get them to improve anything and bring this game to where it should be.


I’ve started seeing a psychologist because of this game!!!


No, that’s called my parents.


Yea they do last patch it felt balanced again… now it’s all fucked hell it might be more fucked



Wouldn’t call it ass kissing.

90% of people came back for one game or played Viking once and came here to bitch. Also guarantee said people, are going to watch tomorrow’s twitch stream to just go and do more bitching there.

The playerbase of this game, is going to be the demise if we don’t start providing solution oriented ways of input.

Calling this game names, pointing out the obvious is too easy.

How about people be constructive without being butt hurt, their “specific instructions” on how this game should be built, weren’t followed.

I’m getting more tired of that tbh.

This forum doesn’t and demonizes it.

Unfortunate to say the least.

Feel you on that one lol

I’ve played Samurai once when I bought him and it sucked. Bought CH, played once, it was great, bought Dutch, played once, great FT.

It doesnt take rocket science to figure this out.
Stats wise, Viking sucks.

I destroy with the Samurai.

Guess it depends on the player?

It is good now but it wasnt good the first day it came out. It only recently got some buffs and changes.

The majority of people around here are pissed that after countless feedback from dedicated fans they ignore it all and do the exact opposite…