This update is absolute trash


The New Pred is garbage. We don’t need another scout. It looks terrible, stats are terrible, and it comes with a berserker weapon variant that scouts or Exiled will never use.

You can’t see in night mode as Ft, and the goggles are way too bright. This gives Pred basically automatic win bc the FT cannot see.

AI do way too much damage.

It also broke the entire game, too. The cloak is broken, smart disc is broken. I just waited 10 minutes to get a Pred game for my PlayStation 4 to eject me and say “an error has occured.” When I tried to rejoin, the app restarted. Omfg.

This update has made the game less fun, I am considering not playing for a while until this crap gets fixed.



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Some more info would be great. What platform are you on? Do you have screenshots or a video of the issue(s) you’re experiencing?


I’m not critizing my platform I’m saying that the update is bad

The platform would help us isolate certain bugs reported. I’m afraid we can’t help if you can’t provide more information at this time.


I would argue night mode is instant win for FT. Pred infared is 100% useless. Green blood stands out even more. I’m lighting preds up at night more than ever, and as pred can’t see fucking ANYTHING. It’s SO bright.


I think you might need to adjust your contrast and Brightness.


I am considering not playing for a while until this crap gets fixed.

Please let me know when you decide to leave and make a thread saying so. I need to get my “k” ready.


It’s not useless, but it is too bright. Hopefully that can be addressed.

@Kassinaillia do you know if potentially lowering the brightness of Thermal Vision on night maps is being considered or at least discussed?

I m getting a lot of issues tonight
All my loadouts got deleted, the FPS drop when facing leaves/tress, i got blue screens 3 times in the last 5 matches (always daytime matches).
@Kassinaillia what’s happening?

This is known issue we’re working on


These issues would be better to be posted in a separate thread with more details, including platform, what you were doing when these issues occurred, screenshots or videos, etc.


I mean…it’s like 95% useless

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I’m sure your notifications are loaded. Thanks for replying.

OK, the game is absolutely fucked right now.

  1. Cloak broken still. This is game breaking.
  2. FT auto aim buff is nuts. This is game breaking.
  3. IR useless in night mode, it’s FT Hunting Grounds. This is also game breaking.
  4. Serious frame rate drops even on ps5

Going to have to put this game down until this is fixed because right now the game is a nightmare

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Also turn shadows to the lowest when playing on a night map and the preds cloak is worthless. He’s a giant semi transparent black figure and you can see his footsteps as giant clouds of dust.

PC should have to have equal or better graphics than console to play crossplay.

Problem solved.

Yeah the thermal vision thing is f****** me over bad. I can’t see s*** at night and I can’t see s*** in thermal. Everything’s almost white washed out there’s no distinctive color patterns between blue red orange yellow it’s just all washed out

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Honestly how could this have ever been played tested to the point where we need to show video and pictures of what’s going on how. Do they not know that thermal is way too bright, how do they not know that cloak doesn’t work at all.
Every single person on this forum has played this game and in their first match has found these glitches how in the hell was this not found in play testing?!?!?!?!?

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As soon as console doesn’t have aimbot