Thought they would learn?

From the Dutch drop…

More information is going to be provided about the drops as it gets closer to their dates outlining details, weapons, maps, modes.

We only have seen a bust shot of the samurai?

Havent yall learned, keeping quiet and neglecting to keep your fanbase informed is the complete OPPOSITE way to drive this IP?

Very surprised we still are seeing molasses type responses and even going as far to say “if we arent saying anything, presumably we are hard at work”

Yall be posting videos of you spinning in desk chairs at the office, while the entirety of the videogaming world have been desperately waiting for a PROPER PREDATOR game to drop.


I will personally not be buying the Samurai until there is more of a formal productive force is set in place and actual effort put forth instead of NEGLECTING your fanbase.

Make me eat my words and shut me up by saying.


Literally… a 4 word sentence puts people at ease as stupid as it may sound.


I agree they need more communication, but not buying DLC because of it is kinda having a hissy fit

A trailer would be nice


They’re terrible with giving out information or hyping up anything that they’re going to release.

They could’ve released the patch notes early to let people know what will be changed and how it will impact their loadouts/play style. They could have teased more pics of the samurai pred throughout the weeks since he was first announced as well as any map they’re working/planning on releasing.

They could have teased vague shit that the fans could speculate from (this one could be tricky since it tends to lead to some people being disappointed that they’re idea didn’t come true). In the end we get nothing but everyone wondering if they’re going to release the patch in the morning, afternoon, or today at all.

They need to say nice pretty things!

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Not necessarily.

Reassurance is always welcome.

I dont want cotton candy and rainbows lol