Throwing disk is fun af now

so smooth on the ps5 and three of those things flying now is just super fun and funny watching their ass run away scared

do you think its overpowered now or do they still have chance to avoid it?

Easy chance to avoid it lol, just walk around in circles.

You can still avoid you just have to actually try now. The only thing I think it needs now with all these changes is a nerf to their health. Nothing major but they feel a bit too durable for having 3.

You shut your pirate hooker mouth



Argh šŸ˜‰

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Iā€™d be okay with nerfing the amount of HP the disc has actually.

make shotguns great again!

Give them 3-5x damage bonus to the disk!

Nah, just give them nockback on the pred if he is on top of you.