time period game maps

well we got samurai predator eygptian pred viking etc…how about time period maps? maybe make something like the western days where cowboys loot banks stage coaches and trains as fireteam missions and predator attacks them like we have now…you could come up with so many different time periods like civil war or ww 1 or 2 etc…that would also give illfonic more dlc funds with fireteam customizations per time period. we get new backdrops to play in with these time periods. imagine derailed but its some old barn with buggies laying around and or some civil war fortress or wood cabins here n there…you could go back to egyptian days with pyramids but im not sure what the fireteam could shoot? arrows? probably any time period with guns would work though. it would be great for this game if not predator hg2

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I would love to fight a Pred with a SW .40 revolver, a Winchester rifle and some facking dinamite sticks.

hell ya…we could even go back to the musket gun period of time. hope illfonic reads this and says hmm

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Ew no

well you guys get what im going for here…what time periods or weapons would you like to see?

This is a terrible idea

Predator is set in the jungle bro, not some crappy desert or whatever cuz then it wouldn’t be interesting. Sand would blow onto cloaked Pred and reveal it

maybe change it up to a forests instead of jungles, bears instead of boars to eat. only two pred movies were set in jungles. i think it would be a nice change up.

time periods for phg 2 hopefully if they make a phg2 that is.

If they add the game preserve map I think they could also add in period specific stuff

Like you could pick up weapons from dead warriors from the past


Pretty early on around the game’s launch they said they were sticking to the Hunting Grounds. The intention to limit map design is one of the few things they have ever openly stated.

so earth jungle forever and ever.

I’m fine with that

Plenty of jungles on Earth that offer different aesthetics

A volcanic island would be pretty sick

Nerf dynamite

Thats actually really clever and would add some much needed uniqueness into the game!😃😲

Out of all the things to have ever confirmed, they sadly had to confirm they wouldn’t do anything but Jungle settings for this game which of course at the start this was annoying because everybody wants a City map, the urban environments shown in Predator 2 are honestly much cooler playgrounds for the Predator as they’re basically an alien Batman mixed with Kraven the Hunter.

And then they started doing the original designs for this game and like, in a better game we’d have got maps with said characters. A Japanese forest with some abandoned shrines for Samurai. Snowy mountains for the Viking and Norse ruins for Valkyrie. An Oasis in Egypt for Cleo. A tropical island for Exiled. But sadly they never capitalized on any of this and never will.

Hell even outside of the original characters getting maps, we should’ve got LA with City Hunter and for how much in the beginning they talked about how Concrete Jungle influenced them, Neonopolis would’ve been the coolest shit ever. Some of the biggest wasted potential really.

Its a shame too because overall the map design is pretty decent in this game, it has problems that feed into the balance of the game of course but they generally did an okay job at designing most maps. Backwater is still one of the worst maps I’ve ever seen of course but then we also have bangers like Derailed. Win some, lose some.