Times for Siberia Map

я говорю снова
think was of putting in wrong Category Discussion
Alien is needings of Alien Horse for Imperial Hunt mode.

Stop makings other game and put horse and DOG IMMEDIATELY NOW
and Remove all tree right now Illfonic.
no rock for gunsmen to climbing or falls out of Map.

for 10v50s mode is needing Igloo crafting for Gunmen, trappings, and MMO Housing System.

chestalien is to drinkings vodka for Health like so

Gunmen are crouchings in snow hill with gun to shootings alien armor horse. but armlr horse is only havings soft belly.
cold is makings alien vision brighter and footsteps retreatings into Igloo

and then game is to Implement Quarter Million Dollar Horse Physics System for Calvary Charge thank

and ends of game is to have Photo Mode and votings of best Hunt Photo because is for fun. and Gunmen are votings of best igloo


удалить античит

Citation: https://avp.fandom.com/wiki/Horse

plz alllow feedings alien dog and alien horse and genes to eat for h

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even idea is not done before!! not like Western City Landscape

Siveria map makes no sense. Predator hunts in the heat not in the cold.


If you paid attention to that movie, the Predator used the Pyramid when there was no ice in there.
They only got back there because humans found the pyramid.

flyings over galaxies but not having Thermometer and never seeings snow or killings on snow O.K.


movies is showings snow kills so not problem even

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, your english is even worse than mine…

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tryings to sticking holes in Request but you cannot into so you are to try sayings english is bad.
Я уважаю английскую дискуссию

you only say “there are not even beings snow”
“no aliens in snow even”
“look everyone aliens are not touchings snow and bad english!” like Wizard Of Oz Production Magic Woman is not of touchings water

when you turn on movie there is
wow snow and alien O.K.?

next of reasons and I show you.
so you are to learnings Siberia Map is greater than Western City Landscape

I’m sorry man, still can’t understand what you’re saying. It seems that you’re saying something like, the Pred not having problems with snow.
Well, my friend, it wasn’t me who created the Predator concept. I’m just the messenger.
The Predator hunts in heated locations, not in the snow.
On AVP, the Predator just went there because humans found the pyramid, that’s it.

O.K.? this is of the same

give next of reasons

No. It’s not the same. No matter how hard you argue, cold locations are not for Predator…
There is no "next of reasons!. If you wanna argue, write an email to Disney or to Thomas bros so they change all the Predator backstory to make you happy.

there is of already a snow Movie

are same. zero is change

bad reason @moralez

Advanced alien race can’t hunt in the cold and snow? Pretty lame if you ask me.

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Like i said, that’s the backstory. Does it make sense? Maybe not. But what you wanna do about it? Wanna change it?
But then again, why the hell am i arguing about it? Go watch the movies maybe you can understand.

Man are learnings to hunt within snow with only Fur.
VERY silly alien if so

you are not havings even watched alien snow movie


alien is O.K. and face even is O.K. in snow

I’ve watched every single movie. Lots of times each movie.
I’ll repeat, in case you didn’t understand: the Predator backstory says it only hunts in hot locations. You don’t agree with it? That’s your problem.


If they only hunt in hot locations, why did they go to one of the coldest places on Earth? Because it seems like they were HUNTing something there.