Titanfall 2

I just got it today.
I beat the campaign and I’ve had two multiplayer matches.

Got to say I love me some good robots!!!

I wonder if Respawn will ever make Titanfall 3, or add Titans to Apex Legends.

I’m joking about putting Titans in Apex Legends.




Such an underrated game imo. Thought it was excellent. Deserves wayyy more attention then shitty Call of Duty


So disappointed this wasn’t a thing

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Damn, I remember when this came out too. I legitimately thought it was real back then, mainly because it seemed like a cool idea (still is).

Side note the next video that popped up is Optimus Prime VS Gundam


I head the first game got hacked so hard no one can play it.

I knew of these two before playing Titanfall 2

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It’s an amazing game, I think I’m going to dust off my copy

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I can’t wait to get stomped by a returning Titanfall Veteran

I’m flattered that you would even consider playing with me, if you’re up for it send me your gamertag

I’m currently offline, but my tag is the same as my forum name. What’s your tag

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Lol optimus of course

I can still see a great crossover between Titanfall(Apex Legends) and Transformers.

Some day hopes

(3 lower case L’s)

Titanfall 3 is somewhat in the works EA gave respawn the green light a while ago. Respawn hasn’t made any official announcements or given major words cuz they mainly are focusing on Apex rn. But speculations are hinting that a future installment will include both game aspects.

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Also let me know when u want to play. I hop on there every now and then for happy hour. But definitely my favorite fps.

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