To combat Viking

I saw this and thought this would be perfect lol 😂

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It would be really cool if they made a map set during the viking ages and the FT were Vikings with axes swords and arrows along with trebuchet, battering rams and… ORCS for AI enemies or dragur… Yes dragur not orcs…though orcs are still cool


Kratos as FT confirmed

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Npc can be the draugr while we hunt them to a keep (castle) like if it bleeds anthology 😁

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Gotta have a castle!

A frozen forest with ice caves and a castle fortress along with other encampments scattered across the map

Trolls would be cool AI like the tanky ones

If they could add a dragon sub boss battle that would be sick too

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Lol most like just going to be for display but still cool

Each map could be unique in this way

I think it would make for the best Predator game ever and it would be hard to top it

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Yes I want pandora, Viking, ww1-2, civil war…just anything a Predator has been heck even a pirate island lol (that’s canon it’s the elder from pred 2)

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Imagine a map set on the moon

With a crazy STGZ base

I want a prehistoric map

With dinosaurs

And cave folk

Predator in the Vietnam war would be awesome!!

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Please @IllFonic take these ideas we beg you 😭

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