Toggle On/Off nightmode for public hunt matches?

Please add a button in the main menu that we can toggle On/Off wether we’d like to play night mode or not. I think the night mode was really poorly made and the darkness is much more of a problem for the Predator than it is for the Fireteam.
The vision mode on the night maps is horrible, it’s way brighter than normal and you get blinded by it.

If you turn down the shadow details to low as Fireteam then night turns into day and the Predator in cloaked mode is a black shadowy figure which is very easy to see. Once the Predator has started bleeding it becomes a living glowstick across the whole map.
The red lights on the Predator’s armor gives away it’s location aswell. The Fireteam has nothing new that gives away their location.

Normally you’d think that the Predator would have got more cover from the darkness, but it’s the other way around in this game.


Please add option for night maps.

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They could reduce this green effect
Or add shoulder lambs as alternative

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You wonder how this made it out of playtesting and then you realize nerf pred buff ft.


While I agree that a toggle on/ off as an option is a good idea, I don’t agree with the “downside” of the Predator’s armor lights and blood giving him away.

Yes, the Predator is more visible when he’s injured and his lights can give away his position. But that’s just how it is… The Predator bleeds bright neon green blood and his tech can act as a beacon. Simply heal up, camouflage and get back at it.

On the other hand, the Fire Team on night maps should have weapon mounted lights and possibly even shoulder lamps. The AI has weapon mounted lamps, so why not the Fire Team?

I enjoy the night maps apart from the super bright Predator vision mode. They are a great addition to the game but just need a bit of work. I suspect future updates will improve them. 👍🏻

Ill second this 👌