Toggling L3 for Running!

Please make it to where we can just auto run! I’m tired of having to toggle and hold down L3 when I’m running for my life!!! Especially when you turn left or right it will automatically stop running and you have to press it again to run. That’s so annoying. Please make it an option you can use to be able to run by default without pressing a button…

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Running is the biggest gripe for me in this game.
Because there are so many things on the terrain that cancels running automatically like running into a root, or rock or even a team mate…
most definitely a better collision detection system is needed.

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I dont want auto run.
It sounds like your controller might be fkn up.
Not sure.


You literally push the stick forward and press down on it once and you’re sprinting? What’s the problem? You’ve got a stuck issue, my old controller had it.


Nah when I turn left or right it automatically stops sprinting I have to re press L3 to sprint again it’s annoying

Use the right stick to turn

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I remember this happening on the PS4 during the launch demo day. That really sucks! Put this in the Bug Folder please, because i dont think @Courier wil see it here.

I just plugged in my PS controller to the PC to play. Although I dont experience it much, i do get collision issues both present on the PC and PS. If you’re experience it on PS let other chime in.!!

Ya know, I had the same issue till I got a new controller. But before I got it I thought the L3 had to be held down to continuously run too. Try new ps4 controller homie

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