Tomorrow’s patch

Any guesses on specific nerfs or buffs coming with tomorrow’s update? I’m not sure if anything is really broken at the moment when it comes to balance, so nothing seems too obvious to me.

Maybe a change to the net gun, because macros can get pc players out to fast?

If I could change one thing, I would increase the time to quick claim by 1 more second.

If there is one specific change you would make, what would it be?

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I ideally see fixes to PC, perhaps Balance Changes to War Club and FT Weapons. Bug fixes for High Jump during a Claim or Pig Lunch. Also going up into a Tree when you want to Claim or Pig Lunch next to to a Tree, among other bugs.

In a perfect world, we’d get a new Game Mode this Patch. Most likely not considering the situation rn, but it’d be a breath of fresh air to see anything new and exciting.

P.S, I also want to see Photo Mode brought in as well. Seen seeing the no U.I pictures recently.


I hope they drop a solution for the low graphics smart asses. Also about the netgun would be cool too. They could broke the macro and maybe decrease the amount of nets you carry, so would be fair for both.
The game is near balanced imo, just need a minor adjustments on Pred/FT, some on matchmaking/disconnects and more game modes.

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They will make grenades a one shot kill on predator.

I’m hoping the next patch fixes the Net Gun escape macro and the claim/eating bugs (jumping into a tree, the game not registering you hitting the quick claim button right after you down an FT member or when they’re in a certain position).

As for one change I would make, I’m not sure what I would do. I’m torn between these two buffs:

  • Buffing Impenetrable to where it does something (I’ve heard it only lets you take a couple of extra bullets)
  • Doing something to allow me to run healing kits, motion detectors, and bear traps on Hunter (I used this combo on Berserker and found it to be really fun but I miss it a lot now that I’ve switched to Hunter). Maybe Samurai will end up being my ideal Predator tomorrow and we won’t need this change.
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