Too many night maps!!!

11 out of the last 15 matches I played, were held in night maps. This is ridiculous!!! Nobody prefers night maps… FIX IT PLEASE!!! Don’t even know why I bother @Courier @OldKingHamlet

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I think it depends on what time of day it is IRL

That’s what I’ve noticed

They’re not fixing anything. Ever.


Nah, it’s always been like that. Doesn’t matter if I play in the morning. 😔

I hate the fact that you’re 200% right!

Bow hotfix confirmed.

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Leave the lobby Dude and re-que till you get a day map. As Predator thats what I do.

Naaaah, that’s 4-5 more minutes waiting… don’t want to do that either, cause most likely, I’d get another night map 🙄

It is what it is.

I need snow

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