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no great game. terrible player. @Weevo540 considering that youre still playing. Bumhole.

This is what i’m talking about man, ppl love this game, they just have terrible habits of social crediting.

You don’t want to attract attention to yourself so you give your best toxic involvement in the public eye?
I guess this is more to do with the construct of social media, digital involvement with the community of gaming, and general understanding and misunderstanding of contributing to anything to this world in which you live in.

Just stop. You’re doing more today by doing less.
Unfortunely nobody has the balls to tell it like it is.
Just grief on the crack happening of bugs that a short list of few experience and call iit day right?

If I could automatically generate a meme to troll post you and make automated trolls destroy your credibility what would have been the point of the post?

Get gud

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exaclty man ged gud and go home.

So SteveCurrent has 46 subriptions? Why?
Youtube will one day make a troll explorer to cut your troll count. Is that your idea of a subscription model tactic?

If I told you void outs could happen because of your malaise, then what was the point of the effort? Just keep doing it? Or maybe get more tattoos and think everyone is against you. I’m sure you feel safe because lawsuits can’t happen on youtube, but guess what. they can. You dont have to go to court, you just need to settle on a life long journey on fixing what you keep fucking up. Its not the fault of a developer on a game that gives you entertainment. its the fault of people not understanding good judgement or ppl not knowing how to go about good judgement. I hope they make you. I hope an account, tied to a credit card, tied to an identity make social infrastructure make you pay.

Thats the hand of mankind in that picture if im not mistaken. They are creating a whole new justice system and it WILL extract a sizable amount of funding from these people. These people will expend a whole lot of effort in making up for what they have done.

Top notch work!