Tracking and Title System Instead of Ranked

I saw someone say something about a ranked system and talked about this so I’m putting it in feedback too.

Something that marks your pred kills, claims, Exfils, times as LMS, solo exfils, pred kills, ft kills in clash,etc. And the get titles based on your stats. Your still able to show your ability, skill and status with no division cuz there would be multiple titles to go after and get. And to make it more challenging to obtain and set towards online play, the titles and tracking only applies to public matches. But overall I feel that we should have a tracking system in general.

They could also make hard-core hunt a public mode to appease those who want more of a challenge and have exclusive titles for that as well.

Title examples:

Lone Survivor (title)- LMS 20 times or solo exfils 10 times.

Bad Blood- Kill 25 enemy preds as the predator in clash

Blaine’s Avenger- Deal 25,000 damage to predator using the minigun

Bomb Squad- Diffuse pred bomb 50 times

Val Verde Survivor- escape pred explosion 75 times

Predator Titles
There can be titles based on what weapons you use to kill ft, how many ft you kill, how many PMC you’ve claimed, how many ft u claimed, successful bomb explosions, number of stealth kills, kills while cloaked, etc. You guys can come up with the title names that correspond with each Stat.

And what are some Titles that you guys would want to see and what stats tracked?


Im up for that instead of ranking tho…

I want an ability to check people stats after the game…


For pred:

  • Weapon mastery: Disc Master, Spear Master, Bow Master, etc.

  • Number of overall kills/ successful hunts: Youngblood, Blooded, Elite, Elder, Ancient,

  • Misc: tree hugger (stay on trees for x amount of time), The Flea/bunny hopper (leap x amount of times), collector (take x amount of skulls)


  • Weapon Mastery: pretty basic

  • Number of overall kills/ successful evacs: professional, spec ops, I am the fucking best, Yaujta killer

  • Misc: Tough Mudder/ Mud why? (Mud up x amount of times), Cannon Fodder (be the first to die x amount of times), PMC killer (kill x amount of AI).


I feel this would breed an extra Toxic type of Toxicity to the game.

Maybe be able to check Friends stats. But others will just start things more than anything.


Some of these are cool others are just examples I hope.

I feel a Title system is nice but there should only be 3 types for each, and they are clearly just how skill-full the player is.

Each title is based off your personal stats that you have.

Predators: Elite, Warrior, Youngblood.

Elites: Win >lose and Claims > kills

Warrior: Win>Lose and then Claims to kills are similar in value

Youngblood Win<Lose. These are clear new players or are just ft players

Fireteam. Should just be stars. So 5 stars being the most deadly of ft players all the way to 1 star ft player is new.

Now the Titles would be cool for personalized classses. These “titles” would be visible to your team and the Enemy team if you are playing clash.

Also I believe clash stats should not effect you ranking since the game mode is horrible and only about 3% of the playerbase play it after the first initial week! So it wouldn’t be fair to players who dont play clash

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All those would be cool as just titles and nothing more. Like I would be master of the spot but It shouldn’t effect me in anyway as per a ranking system or give me an advantage in game either

Just something that lets randoms know ohh maybe this player spots real well so we should be on the look out for the pred cause it will Likely be spotted

Lol yea I was just giving off random examples…and yea so the best thing that comes from this is that some titles would be just for fun and for people to go after like the ones from clash. So it wouldn’t contribute ones u get from hunt.

This would bring more toxicity to the game although I do wanna check good players stats I play against post game. Limiting full Stat disclosure to friends is fine but I think online players should be able to see something. Like maybe all the titles a person has. And they have to be their friend to see all their stats.


Would be dope if they add like young blood titles and the more u play and hunt you earn money bonuses from weekly objectives, these titles are like only known to you and you can like show off on forums i guess… the titles also wont affect the gameplay… so you start off as young blood i guess


Maybe just the win/lose ratio at post match. Idk it needs to be something that wont breed Toxicity into the game but gives an idea like dam maybe I should watch out for this guy or added this guy as a friend!

But it would also be pretty obvious if they had 5 or 4 stars next to there name then you already know that those players are to be watched out for

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I see these as like call of duty calling cards from mw2 days where you accomplished a feat/challenge and got a title that you could display under your name or like in Killer Instinct where it was the same thing essentially.



Still want my rank though so why not both


Maybe just a Win to Loss ratio and favourite weapon shown on cards with little icons and titles which you earn by completing specific tasks and challenges.

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Wow wow, I’d like an Enforcer Predator title :3

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