Tracking FT without Bio mask

Their needs to be a way to track any player in real time without the use of a bio mask. The Bio mask is a crutch & a needed one at that because it feeds you information. Without it you’re ‘blind’ (for obvious reasons)

I want a mechanic like in monster hunter world where you can inspect areas where your prey recently was and then get a general location of where they are on map. Then track them from their. It fits the whole “hunting” vibe of the entire game.


Look for blood, listen for sounds(almost like the ones coming from your mom and dads bedroom).


What information does it feed you other than tagging players? Its easier to track FT via audio cues (cross map “IM MUDDIN UP”) without the muddled audio. The game just fails in all stealth/tracking aspects.

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Follow the gunfire and AI units

Tagging players/Seeing Gun Shot Bubbles/ The bar on the left side of the screen Of the bio mask acts as a ‘hot cold’ Detector/ Target ISO/ Foot Prints…that’s just the obvious uses of the mask when it involves tracking.

If you want to use sound cues go on ahead but you’re putting yourself at an unnecessary Disadvantage.

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I think when the bio mask is destroyed the predator should have that red thermal vison

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lol you can hear gunshots and callouts that happens like every 10s directionally and the audio cue range is massive. Like 1 compound to the next.

You’re like the 5% of players dependent on thermal outside of slotting Observant. & probably that guy in my pub still taking thermal nades.

I stand by what I say 100% if you don’t like it then get over it.

Hot tip but 3 leaps in one direction, hear nothing? 3 leaps in another direction. Maps are not big & the FT is only in 1 of 3 compounds but ill let you figure this out for yourself if you want.

Agree pred shouldn’t have FT vision & hearing by default because it makes the mask useless outside of target iso & marking people you already have sight of.

it’s called a surround sound headset and turning the music off. How do you think FT can find you even when you’re invisible?

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Why would you want to find FT? They’re OP. Stay away. J/k. There are other ways of funding them as mentioned. But, finding piggies is still a crapshoot. It’s not like there are houses for pred to blow down 🐷🏠🐺

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The bar on the left is a hot cold meter? Really?! That just kind of blew my mind I thought it was purely cosmetic, I’ll be damned you learn something new everyday. So is it a directional thing? latitude only or does it account for longitude as well?

I think it would be near impossible to see though.