Traps trapping mid-air

So i was at a reinforcement location, the Predator was on top of a watch tower and placed traps. At the same time i jumped down the watch tower landing away from the traps but i got trapped mid-air.
Never happened to me before. And this should even be possible.
@IllFonic please grab a few guys from this forum and listen do them. If you don’t have the time for testing this game, many people have and would help you list somethings for you. There are lots of bugs/glitches that need to be fixed.


Now dont hate me for this question but was the trap bubble holding it in place off a object cause I have seen seen a predator player throw a trap and it was hovering mid air cause the bubble was against a object holding it in place!

The trap wasn’t even placed, the bubble wasn’t there yet. I jumped at the same time as the Predator throwed it. I got trapped mid air and felt vertically.

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Ohhh wtf!

Voodoo magic man!!!

Nah seriously, they need to get a test server and some volunteers. We’ve proven every update we can break the game and find the bugs in minutes after release. Nothing against the QA guys but it’s like a mechanic’s test drive vs the owner. The mechanic isn’t trying to break it, just check it, the owner is trying to break it so he can show someone what’s wrong.

So wait were you just floating in the air then?

No man. I touched the trap mid-air while jumping and got trapped.