Tree branches, lianas, bushes absorbing damage

When the hell this is gonna be fixed??
Sometimes we hit direct shots to the Predator while he is in a tree but somehow the game mechanics don’t count as hit.
Or throwing a grenade, same thing. Sometimes the grenade explodes right on the Predator, but i deal 5 or 6 XP damage or none at all.
Even on the ground that happens when the Predator is close to bushes or fallen tree trunks or standing behind lianas/vines.
This never pissed me much, but now that the plasma caster is the weapon of choice to most Predator players and they decide to become tree huggers the entire match, this needs to be fixed ASAP.
That happens against AI too.
@OldKingHamlet @Courier @IllFonic

Noticing a ton of bugs the devs themselves have mentioned in previous bug patches (and were adjusted or fixed) are coming back like this one.

They did address direct grenade dmg to predator, still doesn’t work properly.

Hit boxes were adjusted. Still need to be reworked.

It just really feels like have given up at this point in trying to fix anything with their game :,(

The explosion bug will also happen to the caster, sometimes you’ll hit a FT directly with a full charged shot and they will not receive any damage.


yeah its a pred game. he hugs trees. Trees were a death sentence at launch until they turned them into mobile bullet shields.

The hitboxes on terrain are trash but all of that pales in comparison compared to FT’s “downed hitbox” that isnt a downed hitbox at all & is an invisible crouching player because they couldn’t figure out a melee fix for smaller hitboxes.

Cause you cant fookin aim.
You need to stop getting drunk before a hunt.


Not even during?

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Fak u, you’re the one with the problem. I can quit whenever I want!

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Just imagine rey has his pred modified to dispense hard liquor to him lmao.
Never stops drinking.

Same think on his ft.
He wears a beer bong hat lmao.

If tree branches absorb damage to the Predator, the buildings, wall, and other objects should absorb plasma splash damage as well…