Okay boys and girls let’s hear em, I want to hear your best story of somebody freaking the F out on voice chat for this game



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Lol fair enough

I don’t got any really good ones for when I was pred.

The only one with mentioning was I went into a random que ft and this guy just turned on me out of no where calling me the worse player and just typical shit.

I was just confused as to wtf he was tripping on.
Like it came outa no where.

Meanwhile hes hiding a room and the pred is just taunting him, fkn with him, the way I typically do with ppl when I’m pred.

The craziest part about it is how in denial he was that the pred was just toying with him and how bad of a player he was lmao.

I’m still confused as to wtf his problem was with me.


I had a guy yelling at me for cheating for a really long time. I was particularly hot with the bow that day, but I missed plenty. He was straight up yelling at me. I even sent him the match live stream to show there was nothing going on and his team just sucked. His whole team reported me.


I don’t flip out and I stay off mic for a reason on the off chance I do.
I was playing Predator though and this guy on FT thought I was gunning for him. Genuinely wasn’t, they just happened to be everywhere I was. Lost his shit so I made it a point to mess with him for the match. He could get his exp and veritanium and I’d just grab him at the end. He was mad but ultimately a good sport I let him and his team get as far as they did.

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Played against two guys with mics and specializations and two randoms who didn’t have either. One guy with sniper was pretty cool, the other was a support with Comms and he spent most of the match yelling and calling me a try hard for jumping as a scout as well as a coward for using range and for going in close with melee.

After killing them all except for the sniper I let them revive by the water pump station on backwater. From there I killed one of the randoms and the sniper mudded up and hid somewhere. This left me with the support and the random. I fucked with them for a bit until the support needed health from inside the little hut with a medpack (I destroyed it already). As he’s trying to get in the random blocked the entrance and all you can hear is the guy screaming to the top of his lungs for him to move before I come back. Little did he know I was right on top of the pipes with my combistick waiting. So I down him and all you hear is him triggered beyond all hope screaming insults at me and the random to the point you couldn’t make out what he was saying.

After finishing those two up I left to find the sniper and I couldn’t find him for shit. After 2 mins I found him back at the station where his team died waiting with his knife drawn. I go up to him and he gives me the teabag of peace so I do the same. We then dueled and I won. We have each other GGs until I heard the support screaming “why the fuck did you befriend the predator you fucking loser! You should’ve killed the fucking pussy!” The sniper and I both start laughing out asses off and tell him to calm his tits it’s just a game and he got even angrier.


God your so toxic.


He called me a p word ending with a y word for using my net and killing his whole team lol

(edit: careful what you say, the devs might undo the balance some more)

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I’ve never had people flip on me while playing pred. Mostly because if I’m on the mic I’m making things fun while I play.

I will tell the story of losing my shit off mic one time in a game. Way back like 1.06 or some shit back when you could still be feared as a pred and I had just started getting good.

Wound up in a match with 2 FT. I realized this when I checked the map screen just as I found them at the drug camp on derailed. I drop uncloaked into the middle of the camp and say “Hey, it’s cool. Not gonna kill ya. We’re cool”

Guys I was up against were a duo that loved pred hunting back then. Sniper scouts that could hit you clear across the map. Took half my health before I could get clear to the train yard. Jumped on the roof to heal and they literally finished me off right there.

I was fuming, smoking…I couldn’t be more pissed off…and I got what I deserved and learned

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Watched someone’s stream who was playing pred.

A member of the FT started to tell the pred “you better not be one of them plasma castering/net gunning types”. Essentially telling the pred player how to play the game and what not.

Ft got spanked with the bow. Dude had a complete meltdown.

It escalated so QUICKLY LMAO

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Someone got mad at me for running Handheld Elder. Not my fault you can’t hit me lmao.

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I’ve had so many people throw gamer words at me in this game it’s very nostalgic

I once had a player start calling me names while I was streaming because I was throwing the combi.

Because I was throwing the combi.

Him: “You piece of shit, you pussy, just throwing the combi.”

Me: “Yeah, I am, and you’re gonna lose.”

So, when his turn came, I downed him with the throw, had his teammate pick him up, threw it again, etc., until it was over. Mind you, I never spoke a word to him until he started calling me names.

Not proud of how I escalated it, but after discussing with other players (since we run in some of the same circles) it seems he has a habit of doing so.


Plenty of pred victims falsely ranting about low graphic settings etc etc.

I don’t proclaim to be a martyr or something, I slip from time to time, and I’ve had some ft team members fully triggered which really hurts the game. It’s amazing to be in certain situations where that happens and everyone apologizes afterwards and sends their ggs.

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Welp, nobody apologized to me tbh, but I laughed everytime someone was trying to insult me.

Few times I didnt even understood them, cause the level of salt in their mouth reached critical levels. xD

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Ha ha. The old net gun.