Troll Builds for days

So, last night I seen someone on forums talk about a build similar to this and I figured I would give it a go, but my version:

Dutch 2025 (Leader)
Dutch Knife
gear: thermal flares, noise makers, syringes
perks: Bane and heavy hitter

This build was absolutely a blast to only run around with a knife and can honestly say hilarious to shank the predator in a blade battle doing massive damage. Parries were also very satisfying. Even chasing the predator down when he tried to run away was comical. I also got to kill the predator with it once. Tell me your thoughts on this build?

Yes. The most important gear item.

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It’s one of many broken builds. I’ve also noticed a lot of FT trying to solo predator while crouched because it fucks up the hit boxes. Exploit using trash.

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Dutch 2025 is beast no matter which way you slice it

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Didn’t know that of course I only crouch when hiding in bushes otherwise don’t really use it. As for this build there isn’t any exploits, simply a build made from perks/roles in the game. As for anyone who uses glitches or mechanics in the game that are game breaking I don’t agree with. But, this is simply a troll build for fun

But, that Leader role though just adds more damage to the already more damage perks lol

Yeh, gotta have that Dutch knife to show how OP you are

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Troll Builds for days

So your a troll lying about this build?


Also its you’re not your. But, no not a troll lying.

Oh cool going to try build 🤣

Coolio, good luck. It worked pretty well for me. especially if the predator comes out and tries to fight. Bane will increase predator damage, heavy hitter increases melee damage, and Leader causes increased damage to anything already damaged. so in theory should also increase your damage on predator as well as your fireteams damage to the predator


Explains a lot I should have known when sniper damage hurt more

Yeah, had an FT team with a dutch leader and the sniper was running Bane and OWLF training perks with the max damage sniper hitting me once in the head with a round dropped my health down to 75%

Fudge what’s the point now

Dunno, but when it happened on my zerk female I was like, “Wait, what the absolute fuck?!?!”

Ya I know what you mean we can’t even range them we are force to melee and get close just to die

That’s why I try guerilla warfare tactics to kill them off quickly so they don’t have the chance to force me into a spot they can kill me. works about 7/10 games

I hope there is that one guy chasing me with the knife then try to one by one take them out though the punishment is hard I win sometimes 😞

traps, trackers, and med kits and kill every pig you see otherwise they despawn. Also, take it slow