Tron lives!…Tron 3 movie! SPOILERS!

It is been on the web lately that there will be one and I think it should be the season finale movie of The popular hit TV show Tron Uprising, the last season ended in a cliff hanger and it would make Tron fans like myself feel better if we finally saw it because not only to see the season end but finally get the long awaited question how did Tron become Rinzler, one of the most iconic characters in Tron Legacy



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But in my Honest Opinion the whole Tron movie idea is so over done now a days.

Hopefully it wont tank like the last 2 but im sure it will be some over stimulating pile of Garbage with on reference to the old Movie with no Plot whatsoever

That’s why they should take inspiration from the TV series, me I just want to see season 2 finale or them do it as the last Tron movie

Is Ares in the cartoon? The new film will feature Ares. Not sure if he will play lead protag or antag.

Who’s ares?

no daft punk no buy


For once you made some sense Finessology!

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Jared Leto is set to play him…don’t quite know what he’s doing.

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You made more sense back when you only posted WWE gifs.


Whats your problem? I dont want to fight you man! i just come here to get gud!

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No is that like a previous Tron movie character or is that someone entirely new like a new program