TROPHY "Guarded To Perfection"

Trophy “Guarded To Perfection” is buggy, I did what you asked and neither me nor my teammates got it, I did both with custom settings and classic hunting, I would appreciate a solution.


I’m having trouble with this one popping too. There’s been a group of 5 of us trying to get it and nothing is working. Honestly starting to think the game is bugging the trophy now that the gui has been moved off the predator and onto the left of the screen. That’s the only thing I can think of. We’re you still not able to get it?


I’m also stuck on this one. I have tried multiple times in continuous sessions; mod, no mods, full fireteam, bots, no bots, every combo I can think of and still nothing. This kinda worries me that my other trophies haven’t/won’t pop in the future if my game is bugged.


Did they fix it?

I don’t know, did they? Let’s check the patch notes and find out!!!

Plot twist, they fixed it and now Aberham Lincoln and George Washington walk out of a portal wearing heavy armor when you capture a predator.

My friends are experiencing the same issue. No one knows how to unlock this trophy since the June patch. Illfonic, please fix this.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think there are several trophies that are able for some people and appaerently not for others. I remember the “Traditionalist” is one of the most buggy ones. I never heard about this one, and I’m sorry, but this type of issue has been here for over a year and they just don’t do nothing.

What about precision leaped know anythin bout that one being bugged?

Precision Leaper requires five live players to unlock: 4 fireteam, 1 predator. It can be done in a private match. If any of the fireteam members are AI, the trophy will not unlock.

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Honestly, not until you or somebody else brought it up. But I definitely believe it might happen.

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