True Offline Play Please

I’m new to this place, but not new to Predator hunting grounds.
I admit, I have taken time off from the game. Because to be honest, I grew tired lack of progress.
A small community, matches that suddenly drop…I grew frustrated.

I have re discovered my love of the game. I am particularly happy about the private match update.
Great Job!!

I am asking the team…PLEASE…PLEASE add a true off line game play.
Why, because there are alot of times I simply can’t connect to my internet provider.
Infact this problem has only increased in recent months.

I truly love this game and it is with the great hope my message reaches the ears of parties whom can make this happen.

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This request will be sent to the void in 24 hours




To the OP

Don’t hold your breath

It will never happen, just check the bots they added, there is no way they can make bots to simulate by any degree the capabilities of humans or predators in this game, none!

That said this is not even the type of game for that, they should focus on adding more content for multyplayer, not making a single player.

you might want to deal with that before playing video games in 2021.

Most multiplayer games are becoming online-only and require a constant connection to their server.