Two Predator Gamemode co-op

Plz @IllFonic !
Everyone knows, that it is hard to balance,that this thing could ruin the current state of balance in the game, but hear me out - that is the most wanted gamemode for this community today. More of that - there is no such thing in any other assymetrical game for now.
IDK what has happened and why “Clash” even appears cuz it is fun, but not really fits the game idea at all, but i believe that there was a reason for that.
But plz listen to me - once you will run this gamemode out - you will get a lot of new players. I have no idea why it wasnt released before.
Just hear me plz. This is the one of the most creative community ive ever seen. THere were so many proposals for your game and it was really amazing. But you guys just need to hear us, need to listen community uve built in here.


We all hope that guantlet mode (15 player) will be 2-3 preds against 2 FTs. We hope… we also fucking hoped Clash will be something like that…

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I literally thought that this “new gamemode” would be exactly 2 pred coop, but not a freakin COD

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We will get there, give it time.

Yeah, I know… dissapoitment is a big understatment XDDDD