UFC 285

To the UFC fans of the forums ,I’m curious to know what y’all thought of the fight card
Specifically the co main event and main event

Valentina was totally getting outstruck and her best success was the takedowns , but grasso is a handful on the ground, she kept breaking schevchenkos rhythm on the feet and catching her…it was beautiful considering this is the woman that went 8 rounds with Amanda nunes (and arguably beat her in the rematch).

jones is a good fighter but gane has terrible ground game , Its a mix of bad ground game and a 250lb monster around your neck 😄 , its hard to like Jones with all his past history of failing tests etc and the fact they literally changed the number of acceptable trace amounts ? Its like they done it just to exonerate jon…its weird. Reyes totally defeated Jon as well in my opinion, he beat him 3 round to 2 and got robbed .

Stipe is an animal but I see jones dominating him sadly , I think the only heavyweight who has a good chance is Curtis blaydes due to his grappling and he isn’t afraid to throw hands. We don’t know how miocic will come back after that bad knockout either , heavyweight isn’t what it used to be , the mir era and velasquez era were its peak but even then cain faced bigfoot twice and JDS 3 times.

Whittaker vs chinaev is intriguing, how do you see adesanya and pereria playing out? I think Alex will put izzy to sleep if it stays on the feet ? Jiri will wipe the floor with hill I think as well , if he is the same fighter after his injury.

Kudos to Grasso ,she latched onto her back like a lion , I think Valentina should win a rematch. I also think Manon Fiorot and Erin Blanchfield could beat Grasso and Valentina

Gane was just fucking disappointing tbh
I think Ngannou wouldve been the best fight for Jones, considering how dangerous his striking is and how much he was improving with his wrestling. I think Jones will dominate Stipe . Same , Reyes beat Jon … but UFC judges be like🤡

Dricus Du Plessis is someone I’m very excited to see , it seems he will be getting a title shot soon

Izzy did well in the 1st fight… but Pereira is so powerful … and wasn’t afraid to go after Izzy and put pressure on him which most of Izzys other opponents were scared to do, I think Izzy will be good enough to win the rematch … but there’s always a chance Pereira can finish him. Pereira isn’t exactly good on the ground or at wrestling etc but his shots really hurt Izzy.
Oh … and Usman beats Edwards right

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As much as it pains me to say…I see usman winning yeah 😄.

I always said that if ngannou stopped takedowns and tightened up his hands he would be the most dangerous heavyweight ever , he dismantled stipe but its basic boxing to throw a check hook if someone rushes you , stipe walked into the hook .

Blanchfield would submit grasso im sure of it , I’m not sure about the schevchenko rematch though? She might make corrections but she really did struggle .

Who you got for gaethje and fiziev? Rafael is a fucking beast , the dude is a killer on the feet but so is Justin. I think if chandler fights smart in the first round (who we kidding 😆) he will put mcgregor away , chandler is one of the most dangerous lightweights on the planet for 1 round 😁. I honestly think he could be the guy to beat islam

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The guy is a really good fighter but his gas tank is suspect

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Usman gets too cocky sometimes , all of a sudden… Headshot BANG😂

Damn , the Fiziev … Gaethje is a tough one
Justin kicks like a truck too … I’ll go Fiziev though

Chandler fights in 5th gear from the get go😂
He’s so entertaining … but he pisses me off so much sometimes cause he doesn’t know when to calm down and fight smart, like … he loses fights from winning positions
He just needs to be more calculated sometimes instead of exploding into every movement
He can definitely finish Connor , I hope he does😂
Btw , what do you think of Connors Physique?🧐😂
Bro ,for Chandler to beat Islam he has to land something MASSIVE in the first round otherwise I don’t think its possible, Islam is very cautious and controls his energy better, once he gets Chandler down ,its going to be a long night for him😂

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Damn right😂😭
However , he does have an issue with his nose , he’s going for surgery to get it fixed … hopefully after that he can improve his breathing and cardio
I’d like to see him Vs Izzy

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I fully agree , chandler seems to just blitz and if the opponent is still standing? Then he just gets beat up 😄 . I do think chandler is just that explosive and it either works for him or against him , its why I can see him finish conor and its why I think he would come out guns blazing against Islam and possibly catch him , his wrestling is good as well but he fell into the trap of lighting guys up on the feet and fell in love with standing and banging .

Mcgregor 100% juiced 😄 but to be fair he did snap his leg in half and probably would need something to heal , they better just test him before this fight but he could obviously just cycle off for the testing . I think jones cycled between 205 and heavyweight, its odd that they allow somewhat trace amounts of PEDs now and dont class it as a fail , guys could cycle their juice easily.

Jiri was tested for PEDs at almost 2 times per week for months 😄 but conor wasn’t tested and jones was tested like 5 times 🤔

I guess thats a side effect of getting hit in the face for a living 😁 if he gets adesanya down then it is over , I’m very curious about what bo nickel has to offer against top guys? The dude has straight up one punch power . Bo reminds me of a non chubby Johnny hendricks , the difference with big rig after usada came into place is just straight up insane 😄.

Ubereem, belfort , JDS , erik silva , hendricks and many others literally looked like night and day . When overeem beat badr hari a few weeks ago I said instantly after seeing the weigh ins “overeem ain’t passing this piss test” 😆 then he failed a week later