Go to 54:00 and start watching. @OldKingHamlet might want to tell the development team that after six months this really isn’t cute anymore. They need to get their shit in line.

OK it’s a little funny

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I am the Alpha and the Omega🤣

Your day just keeps getting worst, I feel for you buddy👌🏼🍀 My matches have all been cursed with the auto-melee/wristblade attack whenever I’ve tried to use my shoulder caster tonight. I have to really dig deep lately to want to jump into a match as Predator, and playing as Fireteam feels empty watching all these excited Predator players get melted quicker than they’ve had chance to think about what’s going on… The forum is dead tonight, and this feels dread.

Such a train wreck of a game

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And guess what the next level is 😐

I will call this the Floating Grey Jesus Bug

Um, I’ll take Backwater for 500!

Only lasted about two minutes though 🤷‍♀️

When it happens on Fireteam, it can be funny🤣

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Bugged soldier is best soldier
Now I’m curious to see bugged Predator get a “win”

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Unfortunately, unless Fireteam get killed by AI or rage quit the Predator can’t achieve a victory…but that cinematic would be hilarious 🤣

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@OldKingHamlet this is happening more. My last two FT matches the predator loaded in this way

The action stopping midway is still in the game since launch, the bug in the movie is since launch, having your level “-1” and not being able to change loadouts is in from the start, the buggy matchmaking is in from the start… And so on…