Unable to fire....

Not a bug iv had just a person i played with couldnt fire their weapon. after being killed and revived he could again.

I remember him saying it was a shotgun. he also said if he quickly switched weapons while spamming fire it would fire 1 shot then lock up again.

another player on the steam forums has just said that he couldnt fire his shotgun either…

Maybe something specific to a certain shotgun.

I actually had a situation where I went to fire last night and it started, stopped and swung the knife the switched back to me standing there with the weapon not firing. I brushed it off but I honestly don’t remember trying to parry at the time.

You remember which shotgun they were using? SPAS-12, DP-12, or AA12? (Can’t remember their in-game names. And, yes, funny how all the shotguns in PHG are model 12 lol)

Not that this is the same issue- but there is the Hammer head that when the bullet counter goes to zero there is no automatic reload. It just halts when you fire again. Its a manual reload everytime for that thing where as I think its not always the case for all weapons.

But I don’t know about the weapon not firing or reloading at all as per your OP.

unfortunatley not as it wasnt me, iv asked them to come and provide details here though so hopfully they will.