Unable to get Jungle Hunter ('87) & City Hunter Rebreather

I have two problem.

  1. I am not able to use the “City Hunter Rebreather” for some aparent reason, does anyone else have this problem?

  2. And I still don’t have the base unlock for the "Jungle Hunter ('87) mask, I just opened 200+ Field Lockers and got two shaders (of the mask) back to back and still don’t have it. Also I got the bronze variant 4 times, and the sage variant 5 times. Does anyone else have this problem?

1.Rebreather Mask issue is a common glitch. Change Loadout or wipe your safe file to fix it. Progress is saved, custom settings like sensitivity or control schemes are not.

  1. The RNG Gods just haven’t said it’s your day yet.
  1. alright, hopefully Illfonic will fix it

  2. and lmao

They wont

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City Hunter Rebreather is bugged.

And about the JH mask its the curse of rhe non pre-order players you will get every shader for the mask first then maybe just maybe you will get the mask if us Pre-Order players allow it. So you better learn to make a time machine

Hola te dejo un vídeo de cómo arreglar el bug de la máscara está en español pero se entiende más o menos como es https://youtu.be/byKhLo4bqa0