Unable to sprint as predator!

Wow this game… im on ps5 -__-

Yeah. It happens to me every now and then. When that happens, you can’t interact (eat pigs)

Same thing can happen to FT, I think if you trigger too many actions too fast it does it. Sprinting, weapon swap, jumping, etc.,

Shooting the plasma caster will fix it btw

Yeah i had it happen before but not in months

Yes. This needs to be fixed.

Wish there was more of an indicator that you are actually sprinting.

Unfortunately there isn’t much visual indicator that you’re moving faster than you are. I find this more on Predator, but also don’t understand how the FT can sprint with all that gear and see the Predator perfectly at all times.

My suggestions:

  • Fix the not sprinting problem (used to be a huge issue a few patches back, happened on FT everytime)
  • provide more of a visual (motion blur) on both sides; to know you’re actually sprinting instead of just the stamina bar going down. (Would help Stam management with meleeing)

@Kassinaillia not too sure how dedicated the team is to changing much of the base foundation, but feel like it would benefit everyone in the hunt!

Also assisting with the Predators constantly feel like they are being hunted (make FT actually work for it)


Well, what i was referring to is an actual bug where it wont allow you to sprint at all times even if you have stamina and the only way to fix it is if you shoot your plasma caster


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